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Social networkers escape in ‘suicide machine’
The Times (London), 23 January 2010
Thousands are signing up to services that offer to delete virtual friendships for free and at the click of a button.

Internet hosts agree child safety rules
The Times (London), 8 December 2009
Web companies will be made to apply more effective privacy settings to keep young children away from pornographic sites.

Ministers ‘must act’ over child internet safety
The Times (London), 14 September 2009
Children are at risk online because moves to make the web safer have stalled, says specialist who drew up action plan.

ITV sells Friends Reunited for ‘meagre’ £25m
The Times (London), 7 August 2009
Michael Grade blames previous management team as broadcaster takes £150m hit on struggling social networking website.

Divide and rule: end of the family in front of the TV
The Times (London), 6 August 2009
In a report released today, Ofcom paints a picture of technologies as a force for each family member to do their own thing.

It’s not Facebook that’s doing down our young
The Times (London), 4 August 2009
The Archbishop of Westminster is just the latest in a long line of pessimists to be bewildered by a younger generation. By David Aaronovitch.

Catholic leader: Facebook drives teens to suicide
The Times (London), 2 August 2009
Archbishop Vincent Nichols says relationships are being undermined by transient nature of social networking.

Millions cut off from high-speed internet
The Times (London), 16 June 2009
Ministers have failed in their attempt to strike deals with industry giants to bring the whole of Britain into the digital age.

Is the digital age killing compassion?
spiked, 11 June 2009
One has to marvel at the megalomania of scientists who slam all of modern culture on the basis of their tiny studies. By Stuart Derbyshire.

Our children won’t succeed if they don’t read books
Sunday Times, 8 February 2009
As libraries ditch print for computers, Frank Cottrell Boyce argues the move puts the next generation’s future at risk.

The parent’s dilemma over pre-teen mobiles
The Times (London), 29 January 2009
A new mobile phone will apparently ease the minds of concerned parents but it is yet another must-have for primary school pupils.

Danger online: Perils of revealing every intimate moment
The Times (London), 28 January 2009
Anything goes on the web. We find out why we share personal details online and explain our obsession with social networking. By Carol Midgley and James Harkin.

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