The ‘Foundation Years’: For a New Generation of Mini-Camerons?
Huffington Post, 20 July 2011
The Con-Lib Coalition has announced its own version of the toddlers' curriculum - with teeth.

Half of boys failing at school by five
Daily Telegraph, 11 February 2011
More than half of all five-year-old boys in England are already failing to make sufficient progress at school, according to official figures.

Teachers and parents: enemies or allies?
Independent , 31 October 2010
I am hoping that one result of cuts in government expenditure will be a reduction in the amount of information and guidance that parents receive from schools about how to educate and bring up our children. By Sally Millard.

Ofsted says schools using special needs too widely
BBC News Online, 14 September 2010
Thousands of pupils are being wrongly labelled as having special educational needs when all they require is better teaching and support, Ofsted has said.

Swedish-style free schools may increase social divide - study
Guardian, 21 July 2010
Ed Balls fears plan will create 'form of social apartheid' and undermine local authorities.

Oldham schools to tackle segregation
The Times, 17 April 2010
The former mill town is forming integrated academies to tackle the ‘shocking’ problem of division between its communities.

New government to face Sats boycott after teacher vote
The Times, 17 April 2010
Head teachers face legal action after voting to boycott national tests for a quarter of a million 11-year-olds, the Government warned last night.

Pupil input in school management abused, say NASUWT
The Times, 3 April 2010
A teacher failed to get a job after a pupil labelled him a "Humpty Dumpty" in his interview, according to a report criticising the amount of influence given to students in running schools.

Pupils ‘left traumatised’ by fake school shooting
The Times, 25 March 2010
Young pupils were left crying with fear and suffering panic attacks after role-play event where teacher was 'shot dead'.

Family holidays push truancy to record level
The Times, 25 March 2010
Six million school days also lost as parents took children out of class for holidays during term time to cut costs.

Children of poor already a year behind by five
The Times (London), 15 February 2010
Report highlights the importance of activities such as bedtime stories and taking children to museums and libraries.

‘Worthless qualifications deceive children’
The Times (London), 23 January 2010
Barnaby Lenon said that grade inflation and a shift to vocational skills was masking a failure to teach to a good standard.

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