pregnancy and birth

Women denied epidurals in NHS cutbacks
Sunday Times, 20 February 2011
NHS accused of tricking women out of having pain relief during child birth as maternity struggle with budget cuts and staff shortages.

Pregnant women told glass of wine a week won’t harm baby: research
Daily Telegraph, 6 October 2010
A mother drinking a small glass of wine a week during pregnancy will not harm her child's behaviour or development, research has found.

Abortion and euthanasia: was Virginia Ironside right?
Guardian, 5 October 2010
Agony aunt Virginia Ironside's views on euthanasia and abortion shocked many viewers of the BBC's Sunday Morning Live. But, argues Zoe Williams, she has a valid point and was brave to make it.

Pregnancy smoking test suggested
BBC News Online, 24 June 2010
All pregnant women should be tested for smoking so that they can be given quitting advice if necessary, a health watchdog says.

Should this be the last generation?
New York Times, 6 June 2010
By Peter Singer.

Kids with kids: how teen mums are a relic of the 1960s
TES, 13 November 2009
Research argues that continuing demonisation of young mothers reveals outdated attitudes.

Steep rise in Down’s pregnancies
BBC News Online, 27 October 2009
The number of Down's syndrome pregnancies has risen by more than 70% over the last 20 years, University of London researchers say.

Briefing: Population
Sunday Times, 30 August 2009
Baby boom time: The UK has recorded its biggest annual population rise for nearly 50 years, with a surging birth rate overtaking immigration as the lead cause.

The new baby boom
The Guardian, 29 August 2009
Britain is experiencing a population spike. Why? The Guardian visits Boston, Lincolnshire, the nation's fertility capital, where the average birthrate is 2.8 per woman

Birth rate pushes UK population to greatest increase in almost 50 years
Guardian, 27 August 2009
As population tips 61.4 million, birth and death rates overtake immigration as biggest growth factor for first time since 2001.

Stop the pregnancy scaremongering and let women make love in peace
Guardian, 13 August 2009
Britain is obsessive and dictatorial when it comes to motherhood. Yet we get more real help – and babies born – in France. By Agnès Poirier.

UK birthrate shows signs of rising again
The Times (London), 6 August 2009
A study shows that fears of Britain having a predominantly elderly population, unable to support itself, may be premature.

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