teenage sex and pregnancy

Mandatory sex lessons for every 15-year-old
The Times (London), 6 November 2009
Announcement that sex education to be made compulsory prompts fury from faith groups who will oppose the move.

Sex education to be compulsory under age of consent
The Times (London), 5 November 2009
Under new laws parents will lose their right to withdraw their children from sex education after they reach 15.

Second thoughts: supporting teenage mothers
Guardian, 7 October 2009
Teenage mothers need support, not 'discipline', says Ofra Koffman.

The Virginity Movement, Rebranded
The Nation, 17 June 2009
By Jessica Valenti.

Condoms to be advertised round-the-clock on TV
The Times (London), 26 March 2009
Advertising Standards Authority wants to relax watershed rules in bid to cut the highest teenage pregnancy rate in Europe.

Alfie Patten: the 13-year-old father
The Times (London), 14 February 2009
Alfie Patten has joined more than 40 boys under the age of 14 who have had children in the past decade, figures show.

Swell idea
TES Magazine, 6 February 2009
Is teenage pregnancy always a disaster or could it be a rational choice for disadvantaged girls? By Nick Morrison.

Sex education: why the British should go Dutch
The Times (London), 24 November 2008
Britain's Schools Minister plans to introduce sex lessons for five-year-olds. They already have them in the Netherlands. Is that why they also have the lowest teenage pregnancy rate in Europe? By Alice Thomson.

Sex education ‘should be taught in primaries’
The Times (London), 23 October 2008
A Government review is expected to suggest making sex education compulsory in all schools, starting at primary level.

The Scouts should stick to tying knots
The Times (London), 21 October 2008
More and more sex education is failing to curb teenage pregnancy. Scoutmasters need not join in. By Ross Clark.

Scouts prepared for life’s adventures
The Times (London), 20 October 2008
Scout Association is to start teaching its young charges about sex, with advice and even visits to sexual health clinics.

Girl, 13, was given cancer vaccine ‘without consent’
The Sunday Times, 12 October 2008
A new row has broken out over the government’s programme of mass vaccination of schoolgirls against cervical cancer after a mother claimed her daughter received the jab without either of them consenting to it.

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