child protection policy

Cutting ContactPoint is the easy part
spiked, 9 August 2010
Of course the dismantling of the ‘database state’ should be welcomed, but it’s naive to believe that a new era of freedom will automatically follow. By Tim Black.

Shoesmith speaks out over treatment in media
Children & Young People Now, 7 July 2010
Sharon Shoesmith, former director of children's services at Haringey Council, has spoken out for the first time to denounce the way she was demonised in the media following the death of Baby Peter.

Suffolk defends safeguarding policy after mums flee abroad
Children & Young People Now, 23 March 2010
The head of safeguarding at Suffolk County Council has launched a staunch defence of its child protection procedures following two high-profile cases where pregnant women fled to Spain.

Technical problems stopped use of key ContactPoint function
Children & Young People Now, 19 January 2010
A system glitch left professionals unable to use a key part of the controversial ContactPoint database, CYP Now can reveal.

Family court experts must be open to scrutiny
The Times (London), 28 September 2009
The naming of witnesses and childcare practitioners could reduce miscarriages of justice as well as cut costs and delays.

The bullying of common sense
Sunday Times, 27 September 2009
What sort of culture allows a school dinner lady to be sacked for telling a seven-year-old’s parents she had been bullied? By Richard Woods and Richard Goss.

Dinner lady Carol Hill is a victim of Labour’s weasel mindset
Sunday Times, 27 September 2009
By Minnette Marrin.

Music teacher jailed for lesbian affair with pupil
The Times (London), 22 September 2009
Helen Goddard jailed for 15 months after admitting relationship but will be allowed to continue seeing teenager.

Paranoia surrounding paedophiles ‘stops us taking pictures of our children’
Daily Mail, 17 September 2009
Paranoia surrounding paedophiles and terrorism is causing a 'creeping restriction' on the freedom to take photographs, a report warns today.

Parents questioned after girl, 8, hangs in bedroom
The Times (London), 14 September 2009
Charlotte Moody, who was known to social services, was found at hanging in the family home in Mansfield.

‘Children are the lifeblood of Blue Peter’
The Times (London), 12 September 2009
Former editor of the children’s show, Biddy Baxter, hopes common sense will prevail in rules on the appearance of minors.

Blaming the public for social work’s problems
spiked, 7 September 2009
Social workers took a lot of flak after the Baby P case, but a government campaign to recruit more is hypocritical. By Ken McLaughlin.

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