From freewheelin’ Sixties to fearmongerin’ Noughties
spiked, 27 December 2012
Everyone talks about the impact, whether good or bad, of the tumultuous Sixties - but two in-depth books about that decade say and reveal more than most. By Jennie Bristow.

All consuming baby boomers are the country’s biggest polluters
Sunday Times, 20 February 2011
With more disposable cash to spend on luxury items like plasma TVs and gas-guzzling cars, are 50 to 64-year-olds costing the earth?

Slacking as Self-Discovery
New Atlantis, 16 February 2011
The Rebranding of Indolence as ‘Emerging Adulthood’. By Rita Koganzon.

My generation squandered our golden opportunity
Guardian, 28 December 2010
Those of us who grew up in the 60s had the world at our feet but, despite the 'victory of the west', we've achieved nothing. By Geoffrey Wheatcroft.

France: a ‘revolution’ to preserve the status quo
spiked, 27 October 2010
In the past, youthful rebels were heroically indifferent to their long-term security. The French protesters are obsessed with theirs. By Frank Furedi.

Forget the Swinging Sixties…
Daily Mail, 27 September 2010
... It was the Seventies that saw an explosion in promiscuity, abortion and pornography. By Dominic Sandbrook.