mental health

The myth of male postnatal depression
spiked, 4 October 2010
Dr Ellie Lee picks apart the social and media construction of a biological impossibility.

Fathers get postnatal depression too
Guardian, 8 September 2010
A new study reveals that it's not just women who get postnatal depression – men suffer as well. Three fathers talk about their experiences. By Joanna Muirhead.

Dumbbell attack: Peter Harvey warns stressed teachers are ‘ticking time bombs’
Daily Telegraph, 25 May 2010
A stressed teacher who attacked a pupil with a dumbbell has warned that many of his colleagues are like 'ticking time bombs'.

I’m not surprised if Allison Pearson can’t cope
The Times (London), 30 April 2010
The Daily Mail’s star columnist seemed to have it all until she resigned this week revealing that she was depressed. By Sarah Vine.

I’m here to say: it’s OK to not enjoy your baby
Alpha Mummy, 22 January 2010
Postnatal depression is serious, but why must the negative feelings associated with the sea change of becoming a parent be described away? By Jennifer Howze.

Feeling blue? Don’t blame your genes
The Times (London), 18 January 2010
Oliver James argues that it is our toxic society, not our DNA, that triggers mental illness.

Ministers target depression in government policy shift
BBC News Online, 7 December 2009
Schools, employers and GPs all have more of a role to play in mental-health care in the UK, ministers say.

Why are our teenage daughters the unhappiest people in Britain?
The Sunday Times, 2 August 2009
Girls get the best exam results and university places. But the numbers experiencing psychological distress is rocketing. By India Knight.

The ever-expanding world of mental illness
spiked, 28 July 2009
Redefining everyday problems and personality quirks as psychiatric problems is bad news for us all - and democracy. By Ken McLaughlin.