fertility treatment

The great infertility myth – by Britain’s favourite baby-maker
The Times (London), 13 February 2010
Just what is it about Robert Winston that makes grown women worship him? Something to do with thousands of IVF triumphs and the belief that he’s very much on their side. He talks to Stefanie Marsh about sex, babies and fertility scare stories.

Doctors reject calls for over-50 IVF ban
The Times (London), 18 January 2010
Debate follows reports that a 59-year-old woman is attempting to obtain fertility treatment at a private clinic in London.

Motherhood is a feminist issue
The Times (London), 22 September 2009
Why are older mothers stiil taboo? Cultural historian Shere Hite says it’s just sexism — but others say there is sound reason. By Vivienne Parry.

Paying poor foreign women for eggs is ‘a kind of prostitution’ says fertility expert
The Times (London), 19 September 2009
British couples who travel abroad for IVF treatment and buy other women’s eggs are engaging in a form of prostitution, a fertility conference was told yesterday.

Couples refused IVF in ‘postcode lottery’
The Times (London), 6 August 2009
The same woman can be too old or too young for help, depending on what part of the country she lives in, says study.

Grandparents are funding IVF, survey finds
The Times (London), 4 August 2009
Up to a quarter of couples having fertility treatment are turning to their parents for help. But there is a price to pay.

Pay donors to end IVF eggs shortage, says watchdog
The Times (London), 27 July 2009
A ban on selling sperm and eggs should be reconsidered to address a lack of donors, the Government's fertility chief says.

Mother fights for embryos ‘on death row’
Sunday Times, 5 July 2009
A mother who faces losing 11 frozen embryos is leading a campaign on behalf of dozens of women to change rules that would prevent them having more children.

‘Thousands of Britons’ travel abroad for IVF, research finds
The Times (London), 30 June 2009
Hundreds of British couples are travelling abroad for IVF treatment every month, says the first study to evaluate the extent of “fertility tourism” around Europe.