food and feeding

For years, mothers who don’t want to breast feed have been demonised.
Daily Mail, 10 February 2011
But startling new evidence may be about to vindicate them.

Breast is best? Let mothers decide
spiked, 6 December 2010
Why aren’t people angrier about the Lib-Con government’s desire to nudge new mums towards ‘good behaviour’? By Ellie Lee.

Britain’s neverending school-meals saga
spiked, 8 September 2010
The relentless politicisation of the humble school dinner has been bad for parents, teachers and children. By Rob Lyons.

Sorry Gisele, breast is not always best
Guardian, 12 August 2010
Not all mothers feel that breastfeeding 'is the most natural thing in the world'. Women must be allowed to make their own choices. By Lara Williams.

Breastfeeding should be ‘the law’, says supermodel
BBC News, 3 August 2010
Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen says that all mothers should be made to breastfeed their babies for the first six months of their lives.

Funding for Change4Life campaign to be cut
Children & Young People Now, 7 July 2010
The government has announced plans to withdraw funding from Change4Life, the national campaign to tackle obesity among children and families.

I’m sorry, but breast-feeding is a bit creepy
spiked, 5 July 2010
A former breastfeeder says of course mums should be free to nurse in public, but why do so many of them want to? By Nancy McDermott.

Putting St Jamie in the dock – at last
spiked, 1 July 2010
In flambéing Jamie Oliver, the Lib-Con health secretary is striking a blow against a deeply patronising form of politics. By Brendan O’Neill.

Is breastfeeding creepy? Even if you think so, don’t say it out loud
Alpha Mummy, 28 June 2010
The deputy editor of Mother & Baby magazine has scandalised the parenting world by writing an article that states that breastfeeding is "creepy". Jennifer Howze comments.

Parents reject ‘bossy’ lunch box advice, says Ofsted
BBC News Online, 25 June 2010
The government is keen for children to learn about healthy eating Many parents see schools as "bossy" or "interfering" when they tell them what they can and cannot put in their children's lunch box, Ofsted warns.

Children’s popularity directly linked to their size, study finds
The Times (London), 4 May 2010
Overweight children as young as 5 are shunned and vilified by their peers, a study has found.

Nursery schools asked to provide substantial snacks for growing children
The Times, 14 April 2010
Toddlers are being fed too much fruit and insufficient carbohydrate to maintain their energy levels, according to a survey of English nursery schools.

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