recession and economy

This is Brittle Britain, anxious and stressed
The Times (London), 8 December 2009
Poverty today is no longer about material needs. Loneliness and lack of support have become much more important. By Geoff Mulgan.

Antidepressants soar with recession
Observer, 21 June 2009
Experts warn on 'quick fix' after a 24% increase in the number of prescriptions in 2008.

The Languages of Others
The Times (London), 16 February 2009
Britain's reliance on foreigners' willingness to learn English is self-defeating.

What recession?
Sunday Times, 8 February 2009
Taxpayers get agitated at picking up the tab for the cosy public sector.

Total stupidity makes British patience snap
The Times (London), 31 January 2009
We should be angry that the skilled oilmen of Lindsey now find themselves flotsam and jetsam on the economic tide. By Janice Turner.

‘Soviet’ Britain swells amid the recession
Sunday Times , 25 January 2009
Study finds the government’s share of output and expenditure has now surged to more than 70% in some areas of England.

Is consumerism really dead?
The Times (London), 24 January 2009
Advice from the nation's moral guardians that we should all cut our spending is patronising and wearily predictable. By David Aaronovitch.

Shaky economy means ‘bye-bye baby’ for some
MSNBC, 14 January 2009
Birth rate expected to drop in U.S. as more couples delay family plans. By Melissa Schorr.

Don’t bank on a caring, sharing recession
The Times (London), 14 January 2009
There is a constant refrain that hard times will encourage people to look after each other. In fact they bring crime and racism. By Chris Dillow.

Let us all rebuild the respectable society
Daily Telegraph, 18 October 2008
As hard times return, could respectability return, too? Should it? By Charles Moore.