grandparents and ageing

A fresh-faced look at growing old
spiked, 23 December 2011
In Never Say Die, Susan Jacoby elbows aside old prejudices about ageing and the ‘illderly’ and asks instead how society can sensibly cope with having lots of older people. By Jennie Bristow.

Cost of ageing population ‘needs re-calculating’
BBC News Online, 10 September 2010
The cost of old age on health services in industrialised nations may need to be re-measured, a study suggests.

The squeeze on pensions
BBC News, 24 June 2010
The coalition government is reviewing what to do about state pensions. The favoured option is for further increases in the state pension age for men to 66 from 2016, eight years earlier than the previous Labour government had planned.

Grandparents who care for children ‘boost obesity risk’
BBC News Online, 15 February 2010
Young children who are regularly looked after by their grandparents have an increased risk of being overweight, an extensive British study has suggested.

Gordon Brown’s care plan ‘misleads the elderly’
The Times (London), 10 February 2010
More than 70 leaders of social care throughout England warn that the Government's proposals for free home care are flawed.

Iain Duncan Smith warns of elderly care costs
The Times (London), 8 February 2010
The Centre for Social Justice think-tank also highlights "alarming levels" of poverty among elderly people.

Granny’s a godsend; don’t make her a burden
Sunday Times, 7 February 2010
By India Knight.

Britain needs to change its working attitude to the over-50s
The Times (London), 25 January 2010
By Baroness Prosser.

Labour turns to grandparents in fight for the ‘family vote’
Independent, 20 January 2010
Party unveils its response to Conservative plans to cut tax for married couples.

Freeze out the elderly: is this official policy?
The Times (London), 13 January 2010
Party leaders flaunt their vote-winning child-friendly credentials, but ignore those at the other end of the spectrum. By Alice Thomson.

Caring for elderly ‘should become a career’
The Times (London), 16 November 2009
Dame Joan Bakewell will tell ministers that role should be regarded as a profession and questions standards in care homes.

Older people are more than ‘food for worms’
spiked, 23 July 2009
Why this week’s revelation that there will soon be more over-65s than under-fives provoked another bout of hysterical anxiety about ageing. By Brendan O’Neill.

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