marriage and family

What future for the family?
spiked, 16 January 2013
When it comes to parents, the Lib-Cons are as manipulative and distrustful as their predecessors. By Jennie Bristow.

Divorcing marriage from morality
spiked, 10 January 2012
By promoting it as a least worst lifestyle option, modern defenders of marriage are undermining its best aspects. By Jennie Bristow.

All Iain Duncan Smith’s rot about marriage disguises a tired old taboo
Guardian, 10 February 2011
The guff Duncan Smith talks about commitment shows what really drives him: painting cohabiting couples as an aberration. By Zoe Williams.

Helena Bonham Carter launches Valentine’s Day domestic violence campaign
Financial Mail Women's Forum, 10 February 2010
National domestic violence charity, Refuge, is launching a new campaign to educate women about some of the signs of abuse.

They’re not living dolls. They’re just living it up
The Times (London), 5 February 2010
Today’s sexually aggressive young women are not betraying feminism, but enjoying its greatest achievement – choice. By Antonia Senior.

Tories to demand: are you married?
Sunday Times, 22 November 2009
Shadow home secretary pledges that a Conservative government would make it a priority to raise the status of married life.

Third of children lose touch as parents split
The Times (London), 16 November 2009
Adversarial divorce system prevents adults acting in best interests of their children and overwhelms the courts, study finds.

To help children, start first with the parents
The Times (London), 8 October 2009
Families are ever more fragile. But new research shows when and how we can intervene to prevent the worst happening. By Penny Mansfield.

Adoption parties plan to place problem children
Sunday Times, 30 August 2009
'Parties' to be held to introduce would-be parents to hard-to-place children in radical move aimed at improving adoption rates.

Romance is the last thing a healthy marriage needs
The Sunday Times, 2 August 2009
By Jenni Russell.

For better, for worse. In pre-nup and in wealth
Sunday Times, 5 July 2009
Heiress Katrin Radmacher made legal history when a court backed her prenuptial deal. She discusses details with the Sunday Times.

Judges back pre-nuptial agreements as heiress wins battle against husband
The Times (London), 3 July 2009
Senior judges rewrote the divorce laws yesterday to give resounding backing to prenuptial contracts and bring England into line with the rest of Europe.

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