crime and antisocial behaviour

How the nationalisation of parenting stoked the riots
spiked, 17 July 2012
The state’s relentless undermining of parental authority has created a world in which no one knows how to control children or teens. By Jennie Bristow.

Dr Maggie Atkinson apologises to James Bulger’s mother
The Times, 17 March 2010
The Children’s Commissioner has apologised to the mother of James Bulger after telling The Times that his killers should not have been tried in an adult court .

Even Bulger killers were just children, says Maggie Atkinson, Children’s Commissioner
The Times, 13 March 2010
By Alice Thomson and Rachel Sylvester.

‘No excuses’ over family’s deaths
BBC News Online, 29 September 2009
There were "no excuses" for failings which contributed to the deaths of a mother and daughter who were hounded by youths, the home secretary has said.

The dinner lady was right
The Times (London), 23 September 2009
The guidelines that led to her removal are ridiculous. By Alice Thomson.

Dinner lady sacked for telling parents of attack
The Times (London), 23 September 2009
Carol Hill saw Chloe David, 7, tied up and whipped with a skipping rope by pupils but school did not tell girl's parents.

Suicide mother bullies ‘still causing menace’
The Times (London), 23 September 2009
Problem family who terrorised mother and daughter later found dead in a burning car are unreformed, inquest hears.

The virtual street where children can learn about real dangers
London Evening Standard, 5 May 2009
A virtual street featuring computer-generated gangs, drug-dealers and paedophiles is to be built in south London to teach children how to cope with the dangers of real life.

German school killer Tim Kretschmer may have targeted women
The Times (London), 11 March 2009
Almost all the victims of a 17-year-old gunman who went on a killing spree at his former high school in Germany were women and had been shot in the head.

Primary school children recruited into gangs
The Times (London), 3 November 2008
Boys as young as six are being recruited into gangs, according to a police strategy document obtained by The Times.

From the garotte to the flick knife: a brief history of juvenile crime
The Times (London), 21 July 2008
A quick trawl through The Times archive shows that the modern concern about out-of-control youth is far from a new one. By Mick Hume.

Fall in crime rate defies the rise of knife culture
The Times (London), 17 July 2008
Credibility of official statistics questioned as senior police worry about shortcomings in recording knife and gun crime.

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