outdoor play and independence

Don’t let your little girl cross the road
Daily Mail, 14 September 2010
Council's threat to parents over seven-year-old's walk to school bus.

How free should children roam?
Sunday Times, 11 July 2010
Relaxed or just plain lax? Free-range children may seem the perfect way to parent but it can meet with huge criticism. By Margarette Driscoll.

Free our streets from the fretting of the nanny state
London Evening Standard, 6 July 2010
A couple are reprimanded for letting their children cycle to school alone: their common sense should prevail. By Simon Jenkins.

Hail the heroic parents who let their children cycle to school
Daily Telegraph, 5 July 2010
The couple who have shown faith in their children – and London's streets – should be applauded, not hounded, says Boris Johnson.

Lessons in life at the forest school
The Times (London), 6 October 2009
Thousands of pupils in Denmark learn tree climbing not times tables. But this carefree life for the under-7s is under threat.

Australia’s not all about surf and sun
The Times (London), 16 July 2009
It’s fantastic that a schoolboy decided that he’d had enough of bars and headed into the Blue Mountains. By Alice Thomson.

Join the movement for ‘Free Range Kids’
spiked, 29 May 2009
Lenore Skenazy, branded ‘America’s Worst Mom’ after she let her nine-year-old son ride the New York subway alone, has now written a manifesto for less panicked parenting and more childhood freedom. By Nancy McDermott.

Call for school travel shake-up
BBC News Online, 22 March 2009
Ministers and English local authorities must provide more alternatives to car travel for pupils, MPs have said.

Exploring the outdoor nursery school
The Times (London), 9 December 2008
Can outdoor nurseries make our children more self-reliant and less sheltered?

Don’t outlaw boisterous banter in the playground
spiked, 17 November 2008
As Britain launches another Anti-Bullying Week, the author of Reclaiming Childhood says demonising teasing can do more harm than good. By Helene Guldberg.

Don’t blame parents for ‘cotton-wool kids’
spiked, 6 August 2008
Today is Playday, a celebration of children’s ‘right to play’ - and an ideal time to have a kickabout with the culture of fear that imprisons our kids. By Helene Guldberg.

Neglect the kids … it will stop them getting bored
The Times (London) , 5 August 2008
Modern parents over-organise children's playtime. Just let them get on with it, urges Joan McFadden.

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