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Children ‘copy parents’ drinking’
BBC News Online, 16 February 2010
Parents underestimate the influence their own drinking habits have on their children's attitude to alcohol, government research suggests.

Lax parents ‘fuel binge drinking’
BBC News Online, 17 December 2009
England's top doctor criticises the approach of some parents to alcohol, as official guidance says under-15s should not drink any.

Milan to fine parents of under-age drinkers
The Times (London), 20 July 2009
Fines of up to €900 will be imposed as mayor of the city declares that binge drinking by the young has become an emergency.

Alcohol may be no excuse for underage sex
The Times (London), 20 April 2009
Drinking alcohol does not affect a man’s ability to guess whether a young girl is under the age of consent, new study says.

NUS wants end to cheap student beer
The Times (London), 3 April 2009
All-day sessions in the bar could end if union leaders succeed in putting a minimum price on alcohol to stop binge drinking.

‘No alcohol’ urged for under-15s
BBC News, 29 January 2009
Children aged under 15 should never be given alcohol, even in small quantities, England's chief medical officer is set to say.

Parents warned over alcohol habit
BBC News, 1 September 2008
Parents of young children are being warned about their drinking habits after a poll found their consumption had reached worrying levels.

Guide to subversive parenting
spiked, 5 June 2008
Rule 12: A government ‘action plan’ won’t stop teen drinking. By Jennie Bristow.

Change drink habits? You’re joking
The Times (London), 3 June 2008
Only foolish or hopelessly naive politicans believe they can remould a country's culture. By David Aaronovitch.

Department for Children, Schools and Families, 2 June 2008
Press release.

Advice for parents on children’s drinking
The Times (London), 2 June 2008
Chief Medical Officer to provide guidance to parents as part of a package of measures to address teenage drinking.

Boris Johnson blamed for Tube party violence
The Times (London), 2 June 2008
Union leaders say Mayor's 'half-baked' drinking ban responsible for assaults on staff during mass booze-up on Tube.

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