Freedom Bill: good news and bad news
spiked, 14 February 2011
The Lib-Cons’ overhaul of the vetting of adults who work with children doesn’t go nearly far enough. By Josie Appleton.

Child worker checks to be reduced, say ministers
BBC News Online, 11 February 2011
Millions of people in England and Wales who work or volunteer with children and vulnerable adults will no longer need criminal record checks, ministers say.

Anti-paedophile vetting scheme to be scaled back
Daily Telegraph, 5 February 2011
An anti-paedophile vetting scheme that would have involved nine million adults will be ripped up next week in a major reworking of how background checks are conducted, The Daily Telegraph discloses.

Make child protection ‘less tick-box’
BBC News Online, 1 February 2011
Child protection should be less about red tape, targets and form-filling and more about looking after the child, an official report says.

No Duty of Care for Criminal Record Checks
Lexisweb, 25 January 2011
The Court of Appeal recently held a defendant chief constable had not assumed a duty of care in respect of the claimant when collating information for the purposes of a Criminal Records Bureau disclosure.

Gloucester Cathedral flower arranger who said no to vetting is forced to resign
Daily Mail, 7 December 2010
Annabel Hayter is an unlikely rebel. She’s 64 years old and for more than 40 of those has helped out with arranging flowers in church.

A very middle class revolt!
Daily Mail, 26 November 2010
The flower arrangers and bell ringers fighting crazy criminal vetting of anyone who works near children. By Josie Appleton.

Lord Vinson on CRB checks
Hansard, 25 November 2010
Text of House of Lords debate.

Vetting snags child shoplifters
Sunday Times, 31 October 2010
Students at sixth-form colleges and universities are being targeted after being subjected to random criminal record checks.

Anti-paedophile vetting scheme to be ripped up
Daily Telegraph, 22 October 2010
An anti-paedophile vetting scheme that would have forced nine million people to undergo checks is to be ripped up under a review to be announced today, The Daily Telegraph reports.

Report calls for end to Vetting and Barring Scheme
Various media, 27 September 2010
An updated edition of Licensed to Hug (Civitas) by Professor Frank Furedi and Jennie Bristow is calling for the government to shut down a controversial scheme intended to regulate contact between adults and children.

Child abuse vetting scheme cancelled as ‘draconian’
BBC News Online, 15 June 2010
The vetting scheme for nine million people working with children and vulnerable adults in England, Wales and Northern Ireland has been halted.

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