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The London riots were not a product of permissiveness
spiked, 30 August 2011
Blaming the looting on the ‘liberal experiment’ of the 1960s is not only wrong - it could also make the real problems in urban communities worse. By Jennie Bristow.

Cameron’s cure will make society sicker
spiked, 23 August 2011
The PM's post-riots promise of more intervention into troubled families is mad – it is precisely such intervention that devastated parental authority.

David Cameron vows to make Big Society succeed
BBC News Online, 14 February 2011
David Cameron will say it is his "mission in politics" to make the Big Society succeed - amid claims it is being wrecked by spending cuts.

Parenting skills campaign needed to catch problems early, says report
Guardian, 19 January 2011
Family life influences achievement more than material circumstances or quality of schools, Graham Allen argues.

Nick Clegg outlines plans for new parental leave rules
BBC News Online, 17 January 2011
The Deputy Prime Minister has outlined plans to press ahead in April with changes to allow couples to share maternity leave.

Parenting not income key to tackling inequality - Field
BBC News Online, 3 December 2010
Instead of increasing benefits for children, ministers should put the money into improving parenting skills, the government's poverty czar has said.

Commission calls for ‘family revolution’
Children & Young People Now, 12 October 2010
The government should establish a "family test" and create children and family centres if it wants to achieve the best for British families, the Family Commission has said in its final report

State ‘should not finance’ big families on benefits
BBC News Online, 7 October 2010
The new cap on family benefits will encourage "responsibility" about the number of children people have, a cabinet minister has said.

Take away our baby money at your peril
Daily Telegraph, 6 October 2010
George Osborne's economic case for destroying the totemic idea of universal child benefit will not do. By Allison Pearson.

Fears for public health grow as Department of Health culls experts
Guardian, 10 September 2010
More than 100 staff sacked to cut costs, casting doubt on health secretary Andrew Lansley's improvement agenda.

Iain Duncan Smith looks at German model for helping unemployed families
Guardian, 10 September 2010
Work and pensions secretary promoting 'family futures' scheme pioneered in Dusseldorf.

Parenting isn’t a bunch of skills that can be taught
spiked, 10 August 2010
Frank Field’s proposal to have a GCSE in parenting would denigrate both what it means to be a parent and the purpose of education. By Frank Furedi.

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