child abuse and abduction

School dinner lady warned offering a child a biscuit could be seen as ‘grooming’
Daily Telegraph, 9 October 2010
A school dinner lady was told giving a child a biscuit could be considered grooming, her husband has claimed.

What Could Happen to Your Kid in the Car While You Pay For Gas?
Free Range Kids, 24 August 2010
Many people have gotten to the point where they really BELIEVE the worst case scenario is very likely to happen in the very next minute to their very child. By Lenore Skenazy.

A showtrial of children for being naughty
spiked, 25 May 2010
The conviction of two boys for attempted rape is not only a travesty of justice – it also exposes society’s screwed-up attitude towards childhood.

Girl, eight, says she lied about rape by boys
The Times (London), 13 May 2010
Child admitted she had lied to her mother because she had been 'naughty' and was worried she would not get any sweets.

This social work by computer system is protecting no one
The Sunday Times, 24 January 2010
By Jenni Russell.

Cameron: Edlington not isolated incident of evil
The Times (London), 23 January 2010
Tory leader said ‘truly awful’ incident in Doncaster meant people must ask ‘deep questions’ about social breakdown.

Jail for mother who invented child’s illnesses
The Times (London), 23 January 2010
Lisa Hayden-Johnson forced child to use wheelchair and even have operation to claim tens of thousands in benefits.

Boys aged 10 charged with raping eight-year-old
BBC News Online, 17 December 2009
Two 10-year-old boys have been charged with raping a girl in west London.

Nursery abuse children monitored
BBC News Online, 16 December 2009
Children abused by nursery paedophile Vanessa George are to be monitored for 15 years to help them deal with trauma, the BBC learns.

Baby P doctors had ‘excessive workload’
The Times (London), 8 December 2009
Concerns raised by paediatrician taken seriously but staff shortages meant children not seen promptly, report finds.

Ofsted ‘destroyed Baby P files’
Sunday Times, 29 November 2009
Whistleblower alleges the watchdog deleted draft reports from its computers that gave a highly favourable verdict on Haringey.

Abused by their own children
BBC News Magazine , 23 November 2009
Many parents are living in fear of their children, but are too ashamed to ask for help, says a leading British charity. Why? By Denise Winterman.

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