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Babywearers of the world, unite!spiked, 24 November 2008
Why did moms who carry their babies in slings or wraps react so badly to a less-than-reverential ad? By Nancy McDermott.

Schools are not social services says teachers’ union
The Times (London), 18 November 2008
The largest teaching union has warned against schools being used as surrogate social services after Ed Balls, the Children’s Secretary, called on teachers to do more to prevent child abuse in the home.

I may be paranoid, but they are watching us
The Times (London), 24 October 2008
The State’s growing mania for gathering information is turning us into a nation of suspects and informers. By Camilla Cavendish.

How American motherhood ruined my life
The Times (London), 18 October 2008
We’ve been set impossibly high standards when it comes to raising children. What’s wrong with benign British neglect? By Janice Turner.

Just give them grit
The Sunday Times, 12 October 2008
Health and safety concerns have led to children being wrapped in cotton wool. By Rachel Johnson.

The Government wrongly considers children as obese
Daily Telegraph, 18 September 2008
Read the Daily Telegraph blog by Jane Sandeman, convenor of the Parents’ Forum.

The end of playtime?
Independent, 4 August 2008
Playtime is over for children, with up to half of youngsters banned from climbing trees, playing conkers or riding their bikes by over-protective parents who are terrified that they might get hurt.

The state-sanctioned bullying of fat kids
spiked, 30 July 2008
Why is Britain opening so many ‘fat camps’? The evidence suggests they don’t work, and only make overweight children feel isolated and ashamed. By Patrick Basham and John Luik.

Teachers: leave those kids’ emotions alone
Daily Telegraph, 29 July 2008
Jane Sandeman, convenor of the Institute of Ideas Parents’ Forum, writing on the ‘Ways and Means’ blog.

Authors unite against drive for toddler literacy
The Times (London), 24 July 2008
A powerful lobby of leading authors and educationists accuses the Government of setting children up for failure.

Baby Bust!
Reason magazine, July 2008
The world is panicking over birthrates. Again. By Kerry Howley.

Why you shouldn’t let your kids rule your life
Sunday Times (London), 29 June 2008
You’ve given up work to focus on your kids, but what about your mind? Katie Roiphe voices her concerns about modern child-centric parenting.

The high cost of invasive parenting advice
spiked, 27 June 2008
A striking new book argues that ‘invasive parenting’, ‘hyper parenting’ and even ‘death-grip parenting’ are turning out a nation of wimps. Is it true – and how did it happen? By Nancy McDermott

Gone, Baby, Gone: who’s fit to be a parent?
spiked, 12 June 2008
With echoes of recent high-profile child abductions, Ben Affleck’s crime drama poses a very modern moral dilemma. By Rob Lyons.

Emphasis on emotions is creating ‘can’t do’ students
The Times (London), 12 June 2008
Schools and universities are producing a generation of “can’t do” students, who are encouraged to talk about their emotions at the expense of exploring ideas or acquiring knowledge, academics claimed yesterday.

The Kindergarchy
The Weekly Standard, 6 June 2008
In America we are currently living in a Kindergarchy, under rule by children. By Joseph Epstein.

A government u-turn we should welcome
spiked, 5 June 2008
It was a mad idea to make businesses that employ under-16 paperboys or interns submit to vetting - thank God it’s been scrapped. By Josie Appleton.

Families struggle to afford formal childcare
The Times (London), 30 May 2008
Government study finds that Gordon Brown’s childcare strategy has failed, with families relying on family and friends.

The Great American Baby Bottle Scare
spiked, 27 May 2008
Cynical official scaremongering about a harmless plastic in baby bottles has panicked moms and dads throughout America and Canada. By Nancy McDermott.

Schools in revolt over under-5s curriculum
The Times (London), 26 May 2008
A powerful coalition of England’s leading independent schools is demanding that the Government scale back its new national curriculum for the under-fives, claiming that it violates parents’ human rights by denying them the freedom to choose how they educate their children.

High price to pay for youth’s folly
The Times (London), 19 May 2008
Images of dying young people don’t change behaviour; and leave behind an undignified memory. By Carol Sarler.

‘Paedophile scares are always driven by the elite’
spiked, 19 May 2008
As the Jersey children’s home ‘bone’ turns out to be a piece of coconut, Richard Webster tells spiked the case reveals much about moral panics. By Brendan O’Neill.

MPs must stay out of family planning
Sunday Times (London), 18 May 2008
Antediluvian lobbyists and their press allies shriek ‘hybrid’ and ‘Frankenstein’ yet nobody is planning to create monsters. By Simon Jenkins.

Bouncy castles: a dangerous ruling
The Times (London), 13 May 2008
Our society is trying desperately to outlaw the notion of an accident. But that’s wrong. By Mick Hume.

Is there a Josef Fritzl on your street?
spiked, 1 May 2008
The heinous cellar-incest crime is being turned into a metaphor for the dangers of family life. By Brendan O’Neill.

‘I’ve been labelled the world’s worst mom’
spiked, 30 April 2008
New York Sun columnist Lenore Skenazy tells spiked about the barrage of abuse she got for letting her nine-year-old ride the subway alone. By Nancy McDermott.

Pupils shun healthy diet for junk food runs
The Times (London), 28 April 2008
Students are operating a black-market trade in food banned in schools in a backlash against Jamie Oliver’s campaign.

Can we hector parents? Yes we can!
spiked, 28 April 2008
By making parental attitudes central to his vision for education, Barack Obama is blaming moms and dads for the US State’s school failures. By Nancy McDermott.